Personal Assistant, Concierge


To whom it may concern,

As someone who has worked in a variety of PA roles over the past five years, and has specialised in supporting high profile HNWIs for
three of those years; I am now looking for a position as a Private PA where I can work in a role that I love, live and breathe.

Beginning my career working as a PA to the CEO of a property developer for two years; I built a solid foundation of core practical skills and
expertise necessary to successfully fulfil this role. As well as the usual every-day responsibilities, I turned my hand to assisting with child
and animal care, as well as occasionally cooking for my employee (specialising in nutritious and healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes).

Evolving then to the role of a Live-In/Travelling Private PA to a high profile HNWI, I developed my skills further and tailored them to
specialise in dealing with demanding requests, stressful workloads and hectic timetables that come with working for a private individual. I
was able to understand fully what it truly means to be my employers “right-hand woman”. I enjoyed the demands of working in an
environment where it was imperative to be completely organised with meticulous attention to detail; something that I always deliver. My
role saw me organising all aspects of my employer’s private life, the responsibilities were ever-changing and included tasks such as
organising luxury villas, chartering private jets, creating bespoke events and organising luxury travel arrangements for my employee and
up to 50 of his guests.

Working freelance for the past two years has given me more flexibility and variation in my career. I have worked for a huge variety of
people; including international CEOs, high-profile athletes, distinguished actors and HNWIs - this has given me a huge breadth of
experience, dealing with a multitude of tasks and requests. I have a proven ability to get on with people from all backgrounds and
demographics, and pride myself on having a positive can-do attitude - no request is too big or crazy. Offering a full concierge/PA service
to clients, I have broadened my skills not only as a personal assistant but also in the role of a “lifestyle manager”, something that
compliments my PA role greatly. My expertise lies in the creation and fulfilment of bespoke requests specialising in big-budget events and
luxury travel.

Confidentiality and discretion are paramount in everything I do (NDAs are part of my daily responsibilities) - I understand how vital this is.

As a private PA, I understand that I am often working in my employer's personal space, and act with the appropriate respect – I am used
to working for private individuals and the quirks of that environment. My attitude toward work is always open-minded and extremely
flexible. I have a positive and willing approach, enabling me to achieve the highest standards possible; always having a ‘can-do attitude’ –
I take on any request that is thrown at me. I am extremely well-connected both in London and globally and possess a ‘little black book’ of
contacts allowing me to exercise my responsibilities to the highest standards expected. Being so well connected has enabled me to fulfil
my principle’s seemingly unachievable requests; such as procuring rare items, obtaining reservations at top restaurants and clubs and
gaining access to exclusive art and fashion events etc. - whilst always keeping within budget.

Confident in working alone, or managing a team; I am always firm but diplomatic and confident in my decisions. I am young, quick to
learn and am extremely approachable. I can offer many benefits to my employer; I am a hardworking, loyal individual who aims to
progress both individually and alongside whom I am working. I take pride in my appearance, understanding the importance of image
when representing my principle at all times.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Esme Dyson

Personal Assistant, Concierge
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