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Phyllida HALL

Trained by Tiffany & Co in New York, I have had an extensive career in international business development and sales in high jewellery and objets d’art. From Riyadh, Tanzania and Singapore to the palaces of Brunei and Oman, my unique experience, dynamic personality, and determination, coupled with resourcefulness and attention to detail, mean I have a unique skill set. I am English and based in Bavaria, having spent 25 years living in the United Arab Emirates. My business partner in Abu Dhabi was a senior member of the UAE Ruling Family; I assisted the Sheikh in developing his business interests, but also sourcing anything from classic cars in the USA to rare watches. I hosted dignitaries alongside him, including royal family members and government ministers. Having settled in Europe I miss the challenges of a fast-paced career, from resolving complex business complications to getting to the airport at a moment’s notice. I am therefore searching for an international role in supporting a busy professional, with a job that will once again become my passion and bring a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

My CV is highly unconventional; I was fortunate to have arrived in the UAE in the early days of its development when opportunities were myriad. I lack formal qualifications, having left boarding school aching to get on with life, but this has never held me back; indeed, personality and drive alone have served me well. Being involved in more than one business was not unusual in those days and I exploited every opportunity.

A day in the life….

Receipt of a call at 1000hrs from a member of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Princess requesting a viewing of a jewellery collection that night. This entailed selecting and packing the suites of jewellery, arranging insurance and customs documentation, booking a private plane, take-off and landing permissions in Dubai and Riyadh, boarding the plane with the jewellery by 1800hrs and flying to Riyadh. After checking into the Four Seasons Hotel, I was with the Princess by 2200hrs.

Another day may have included meeting with copper and gold exporters from The Congo, in Dar-es-Salaam, or a potential business partner in Seoul. Or perhaps a visit to the Palace in Muscat to present designs for decorated, live, firearms, created in partnership with one of the few producers of fine objets d’art still active in Switzerland.

I include these examples only to illustrate that I am not easily daunted and can be relied upon to be highly creative, having lived a life totally ‘outside the box'.

Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant
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