Household Manager, Governess

Patricia (PJ) BRADEN

I am a graduate of the University of Texas San Antonio, where I studied Architecture and Interior Design and from Texas State University, where I earned a master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies. I obtained my teaching credentials from the states of Texas and Colorado. I attended the English Nanny and Governess school in Ohio, before attending Starkey International Institute located in Denver, Colorado where I became a Certified Household Manager. I have over thirty years of working with children between 20+ teaching and childcare positions and seven more years of domestic positions.

As I matured into a responsible adult, I learned how to set priorities, to be very organized, efficient, and proactive. My knowledge, skills and education helped me develop into a detail oriented person, who takes pride in a job done well. I have always held positions where I was in a leadership role that were either in the service industry utilizing the knowledge and skill from the industry or with in the field of education. I worked as an architectural designer where I was responsible for interacting with vendors. I was an educator and department head, teaching engineering and architectural courses. Also, I worked as management in the restaurant industry training employees to perform their duties using ergonomics, proper customer service techniques and proper cleaning methods for a hygienic environment. I was trained in crisis intervention for handling various emotional responses which may occur during difficult situations. I have training in problem resolution and have been able to resolve issues leaving each party satisfied. I, also, have training in safety and security in the home and in public places. I am a certified governess, recently, held the position of governess/household manager with a family in Michigan and Montana. I organized, and cared for the valuables in the home; which included art, and a collection of first and second edition books. I, also, learned about cultures when I was an on-call governess, caring for many international families, on the Las Vegas strip. I believe that people should treat others the way they wish to be treated, which should be with honesty, respect and value at all times. Honesty, loyalty and compassion are attributes I focus on.

Household Manager, Governess
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