Nanny, Governess

Emma Julia BALINT

I'm a psychologist from the EU. I come from a family with a private daycare, therefore, I have many years of experience as a child carer. I have also gained experience from working in primary schools / nurseries and other daycares in order to complete the trainings for my childcare qualifications.
I have 3 degrees (two in Psychology and one in Human Resource Counselling) - one from the UK.
I also have qualifications as a child carer/tutor/nurse and as a leader of private daycares.
I do not smoke and am a very good swimmer. I generally am a healthy person who pays attention to her health (e. g. eating habits).
Fun fact: I have 3 siblings, all younger than me, so from very early on, I had been doing childcare duties at home too.
I'm flexible and open to travel with the family and willing to relocate within a short notice period.
I’m usually available for online interviews in 24 hours.
Please see my CV for more details.

Nanny, Governess
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