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Job listing went live on 26/08/2023

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Estate Manager
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United Arab Emirates

We are a family seeking an exceptional Estate Manager and Private Assistant to oversee and manage two properties in addition to providing comprehensive support to the owner. With a total of 5 family members, 5 staff, and 5 pets, we require an experienced and dynamic professional who excels in personal assistance to HNWIs and possesses a proven track record of success in the GCC region. This unique role combines estate management, personal assistance, and seamless coordination to create an unparalleled experience for our family.
Role and Responsibilities:

**Estate Management:**
- Efficiently oversee the day-to-day operations of two properties, ensuring they are meticulously maintained, secure, and reflect the highest standards of excellence.
- Coordinate with the household staff to manage household activities, schedules, and maintenance requirements.
- Responsible for managing household budgets, expenses, and vendor relationships to optimize cost-effectiveness.

**Private Assistance:**
- Act as the personal assistant to the owner, providing unparalleled support and anticipating needs with precision.
- Manage the owner's complex schedule, travel arrangements, and appointments, ensuring seamless coordination across multiple time zones.
- Handle confidential matters with discretion and professionalism, maintaining the utmost level of confidentiality and trust.

**Family and Staff Coordination:**
- Facilitate clear communication and coordination between family members, staff, and other stakeholders to ensure a harmonious living and working environment.
- Liaise with family members to plan and organize events, gatherings, and special occasions with meticulous attention to detail.

**Qualifications and Qualities:**

- **WellBeing Lifestyle Advocate:** Preference for candidates with knowledge and experience in promoting a healthy lifestyle, encompassing aspects such as nutrition, wellness, and fitness.

- **Minimum of 5 years of experience:** Proven track record as a personal assistant to HNWIs, demonstrating exceptional organizational skills and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

- **GCC Experience:** In-depth knowledge and prior experience working within the GCC region, familiar with local customs, protocols, and cultural nuances.

- **Excellent Interpersonal Skills:** Exceptional ability to build rapport and establish strong relationships with diverse individuals, including family members, staff, and external partners.
- **Energetic and Proactive:** High-energy individual with the ability to remain composed under pressure, making informed decisions and swiftly addressing challenges.
- **Problem Solver:** A resourceful and creative thinker who approaches challenges with a solution-oriented mindset, continuously seeking ways to enhance efficiency.
- **Discretion and Integrity:** Exemplary ethics and professionalism, handling sensitive information with the utmost confidentiality and integrity.
- **Multitasking and Adaptability:** Proficient in managing multiple priorities, adapting to changing circumstances, and thriving in a dynamic environment.
- **Cultural Sensitivity:** Respectful of cultural diversity and adept at navigating various cultural contexts.


- Competitive compensation package reflective of the unique responsibilities and scope of the role.
- Opportunity to work closely with an esteemed family and contribute to their exceptional lifestyle.
- Collaborative work environment that values initiative, innovation, and excellence.

If you are a results-driven, seasoned professional with a passion for providing unparalleled support to HNWIs, possess the qualifications and qualities outlined above, and are eager to take on the challenge of managing two remarkable properties, we invite you to apply for this extraordinary opportunity. Join us in creating an unparalleled experience where luxury and efficiency converge seamlessly.

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